Case Studies

Lynne says:

"My core strength has improved, so now my body is better able to right itself"

Lynne’s Story

I used to ride as a young woman, totally unaware that I had a rare type of muscular dystrophy.

It was a physiotherapist who first suggested RDA and I jumped at the chance to return to riding. In the beginning, it wasn’t easy. As a previous rider I knew how my body should move, but it didn’t. It was like putting wooden sticks on a moving animal, I was stiff and rigid and felt very insecure.

But over the months my muscles began to be more flexible – as they had been years ago. My core strength has improved, so now my body is better able to right itself when I take a tumble.

And there are other benefits too: The first is how wonderful it is to have fit and able walking legs beneath you to take you where you want and just being out in the open air is a tonic in itself. The second is the friendship. We are a really friendly team. We sit and have tea after riding, we go to events together, chat about riding and horses and everything else besides.

When you’re in pain, it’s easy to stay at home alone. RDA – the people and the horses – are a reason to get out and face the world.

Oli’s Story

Oli has a rare genetic condition which has meant he has never walked and has very limited movement in his legs. His muscles in his legs are minimal and his core muscles are affected too. Prior to horse riding Oli’s core was extremely weak and he was prone to losing his balance whilst sitting on a chair or even the floor. He would not be able to sit on something at height and be safe to leave. He couldn’t sit on a swing seat, a bike seat and as mentioned at times even a chair seat.


These days, his core muscles are so much stronger, he can sit unaided on anything now. Just last week he sat on his cousins bike and we were able to let him sit there independently knowing he would not fall off. He can sit on a swing seat now and be pushed and his core is so much stronger there is no fear of him losing his balance. His legs have even become a little stronger and there is definitely more movement.


Every 6 months Oli attends a clinic at the RVI where he carries out a series of test to attain how he is doing. We were at that appointment two weeks ago and they were so impressed with how well he is doing and how much stronger he appears to be.

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