Donate equipment or horses

Donations of good quality equipment are always welcome. The best way to do it is to contact your local Group then why not give them a call by clicking on this link here.

Horses and ponies
So what kind of horses do we use? 

Have a watch of the videos below to see what Pip and Lambrusco do! 

RDA Horse of the Year 2018 – Congratulations to ‘Lambrusco’, Helen Burt & Di Redfern of South Bucks RDA!

Lambrusco is everything RDA Groups look for in a horse! An athletic all rounder who is good for those who are looking for a therapy walk session & also fantastic for those who are looking for a full dressage lesson. Versatile horses like last years winner Pip and this years winner, Lambrusco are like Gold dust in RDA!

RDA Horse of the Year 2017 – Our perfect RDA horse is a horse just like Pip from Penniwells who has just recently become our RDA Horse of the Year!

If you have a fit, healthy, well behaved horse that you think would be suitable for our use, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You might want to contact your local Groups first to see if they are interested by clicking on this link here.  

Page Last Updated: September 27, 2018