Para Equestrian National Classification

The Classification System is designed to enable disabled riders to compete on equal terms against each other.

Athletes are classified according to their disability across five grades, which determine the complexity of the movements that riders perform with their horses. Grade I is for athletes whose impairment has the greatest impact on their ability to ride, through to Grade V for athletes whose impairment has the least impact on their ability to ride.

To start competing in Para-Equestrian competitions, you will need to be classified to determine which grade you can compete in. In order to be classified, riders must be medically diagnosed as having a permanent, physical impairment that can be measured objectively by a Physiotherapist or medical doctor trained in the classification system.

For more information on the classification process, please visit The British Equestrian Federation .

National Level Para-Equestrian Classifier courses

The BEF runs a two-day course to provide participants with the skills to become a National Level Para-Equestrian Classifier.

A qualified, National Para-Equestrian Classifier is eligible to work as a member of a classification team to allocate an Athlete’s Sport Class and Sport Class Status at nationally sanctioned events.

To find out more about becoming a classifier and for details on the upcoming course in February 2019, please see course details

Page Last Updated: December 3, 2018