Coaching Pathway Update 

The New Coaching Qualifications Pathway is up and running!

Look out for dates of training days in your groups, counties and regions so that you can attend and take part in the practical modules. Dates may go out on your regional website and if sent in to RDA National Office, they will appear on our coaching events page too.

Resources for volunteer modules will appear soon along with resources for the Coach Certificate modules for Regional, County and Group Coaches to use, when delivering modules. If there is anything you need help with, please email  

The Pathway is available on this page to the right in the green links. The document that explains exemptions for external qualifications is also attached. All modules listed on the pathway must be completed unless you have confirmed that you are exempt with a member of the coaching team. External qualifications must have been taken in the last three year, unless CPD can be show or a coach with BHS qualifications is on the APC register. 

We have started a list of answers to popular questions….click on the page to your left, within the subheadings.

A link for the e-learning page is here. You will need to sign up if you haven’t already. Modules connected to the pathway, which you can do through e-learning are: Volunteer Modules; Disability Awareness, Equine Knowledge. Coach Certificate Modules; Pre-Assessment Checklist and Safeguarding (you must have completed a face to face safeguarding course the first time and every alternate time you refresh).

We now have a fantastic library of coach submitted resources. It can be found here or by the link on the left. This will include any session plans that you send to National office, alongside any approved presentations or other content relevant to any aspect of the Coaching Pathway. If you would like to have content published in our library please email it to

Coaching Conference 2019
This year’s conference will be held on the 13th-14th of October. Sunday will be spent with speakers in the afternoon and a gala dinner, including the coaching awards, followed by a day of practical demonstrations at our National Training Centre on Monday.

Coaching Awards 2018

Huge congratulations go to Gillian Newsum – High Performance Coach of the Year, Izabell Loukaidou – Coach of the Year and Natalie O’Rourke – Extra Mile Award. All of whom truly deserved their awards due to their hard work and perseverance this last year. 

Safeguarding – A Coach’s Responsibility

Safeguarding is never an easy topic to consider, or rather the consequence of not having safeguarding in place!  In RDA we pride ourselves with providing a safe environment for all involved; riders, drivers, volunteers, staff and coaches.

Whilst RDA requires every group to have a Safeguarding Officer (SO), it can still leave a gap in knowledge and skills if a safeguarding issue arises during an RDA session. Some coaches attend safeguarding training as part of their qualifications pathway, but not all. It is now a requirement for ALL coaches, assessed to deliver RDA sessions without supervision (i.e. all except Coaches in training), to have attended a Safeguarding Workshop.

If you are unsure what you need to do, speak firstly to your SO as they should already have been on a workshop and should be able to tell you who to contact.  Alternatively, the British Horse Society deliver regular workshops across the UK, or it may be worth contacting your local Council for Voluntary Services as they should know who delivers the workshop locally for the voluntary sector, or your local council will have a safeguarding training officer who could help with locating a suitable course.

Some coaches will need to attend workshops that is recognised across the BEF, for their qualifications (UKCC or BHS) or to meet membership requirements with other Member Bodies (BHS or PCUK). If you need one of these recognised courses, make sure you check that the workshop you are going on is accredited before booking on it – these are run by BHS, PCUK, RDA and SportscoachUK.

If this is not the case, coaches can go on non-accredited workshops delivered by a local supplier (again, best to check with your local Council for Voluntary Services or City Council for suppliers) as long as a certificate of attendance is provided and the following topics are covered:-

• What is Safeguarding
• Types of Abuse
• Safeguarding Good Practice (e.g. policies, safe recruitment, risk assessments, codes of conduct)
• Dealing with Concerns/Allegations

All coaches will need to refresh their training every 3 years. If there are coaches who have attended workshops in the past, but have not refreshed in the last 3 years, they will also need to attend workshops as a refresher to remain compliant and/or ensure their accreditation remains current. Certificates should be kept in the coach’s logbook and checked at assessments and reviews.

If you are at the stage where you need to re-fresh your safeguarding certificate, you can now use the RDA Safeguarding E-learning course that has been specifically tailored to RDA. To sign up and start using the E-learning facility, please click here.

If you need any additional information about the need to attend the workshop please contact the Coaching Team or Safeguarding Co-ordinator at National Office.





Page Last Updated: February 18, 2019