Coach Certificate requirements


Now you have your Passport and you are coaching under supervision of a previously qualified coach, you can start to complete your Coach Certificate Modules. 


There are three practical modules and two theory modules.


The three practical modules are Horsecare & Knowledge, Coaching and Therapy & Medical. These can be obtained either through attending an organised training day, or a Coach Certificate holder that feels comfortable with delivering the Coaching Modules. To check when there is training being delivered near you, click here


The Pre-Assessment Checklist is an online module and can be accessed through our eLearning site here. Once you have completed this, please print off your certificate  and keep it in your Coaching Passport. 

Once you have completed the five modules; you are ready to be assessed to become a Coach Certificate Holder. 

Your first Safeguarding Certificate needs to be obtained during a face-to-face Safeguarding Training day. Delivered by the RDA or any of the BEF member bodies. Before three years passes, you can top this up with an online Safeguarding Course (we have one on our eLearning site here). Thereafter, you can alternate between a face-to-face day and online, every three years. 

To arrange assessment, you will need to contact a Coach Developer or a Regional/County Coach. They will talk you through what they are going to assess you on and run you through how the day will go. It is not as scary as it sounds and if you are concerned, ask for some help from your mentor within your group. It is a good idea to read through the Coach Assessment Criteria so that you know what to prepare for. If you are already Coaching under supervision of a qualified Coach, there shouldn’t be any surprises in there! 


Once you have been assessed and the paperwork is sent back into National Office, one of the coaching team (that’s us) will update our records and send you out your very own Coach Certificate! 

This means you can now take sole responsibility of your own sessions and can coach unsupervised within your group. If you want to have the flexibility to coach any session within any group, you will need to work towards obtaining your Green Coach Certificate. 


To achieve Green Coach status, which is where we would like all of our coaches to be, you will need to gain experience coaching at a minimum of two other groups, under the supervision of that groups regular coach. We ask a minimum of one session per group be coached, however, if you want to do more, there is no upper limit. Once you have gained the experience in other groups you need to arrange to be assessed again to obtain your Green Coach Certificate. If you feel confident and wish to go straight to a Green Coach Certificate then that is absolutely fine. 


Once we receive the assessment paperwork, we can send you out your Green Coach Certificate and you can may coach within any RDA group. 


If at any point you are in need of assistance or have any queries or questions, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone to one us here at the National Office Coaching team. We are here to help. 



Page Last Updated: March 25, 2020