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Does a Group coach (pink certificate) need to be assessed again if they want to coach at another group?

Yes – a group coach with a pink certificate has to be assessed at any group they want to coach at as they need to be assessed against the different environment, horses, riders and volunteers. 
Once they have been assessed in each group they only need to complete their review at one of them in each review period, but they must alternate the groups at each review.

We recommend anyone coaching at more than one group progresses on to be assessed for their Coach Certificate (Green).


How does a Coach in Training or Group Coach (Pink Certificate) become a Coach (Green Certificate)?
To be awarded a Coach Certificate (Green) a Coach in Training or Group Coach (Pink – who was mapped over to Pink at the new pathway launch in October ‘18 ) will need to have completed all the Coach certificate modules and coached (under supervision) in at least two other groups before completing an assessment for both an individual and group session.  There is a sheet in the passport to evidence the sessions in two other groups, which can be signed off by the usual coach in that group.

If you have already completed the modules associated with the Coach Certificate, and they have been signed off in your passport, then you will not need to do them again. Or you may have some exemptions because of external qualifications e.g. UKCC L2. 

When assessments resume after COVID-19 isolation; In order to successfully complete an assessment to obtain your Coach Certificate (Green) you must fulfil your competence at every desirable skill (not three out of five as needed for Group Coach (Pink) level). You must also be assessed in a group that is not your usual home group.


Does a coach who works at multiple groups have to be reviewed at every venue?

No: they only need to complete their review at one of them in each review period but they must alternate the groups at each review.


Can a Coach Developer based at a group review within their own group?

Yes – a Coach Developer can review within their own group but not every time. They should alternate with independent reviewers each time a review is required.



Can a volunteer have a go at coaching whilst supervised, before deciding to become a Coach in Training?

Yes – under supervision, they can take part of a session in order to get a taste of how it feels to have some responsibility and give direction.


If a coach thinks they are exempt from some of the modules what do they have to do?

If they have previous qualifications, with another member body, send the relevant certificates into the coaching team at National Office who will confirm the exemptions and forward a confirmation letter with the relevant modules signed on the module sign off sheet. There is an External Qualifications document on MyRDA, which indicates which qualifications give exemptions to which RDA modules.  


What should I expect when I get my passport?

You will receive a covering letter along with your Coach in Training Certificate and passport documents. These documents include; a welcome coversheet, a copy of the pathway along with a flow chart of how to work through your journey, a module sign off sheet and an evidence of coaching in other RDA groups sheet.  You can keep all of these documents in a folder of your choice.


If my review has lapsed do I have to be reassessed?

You can be reviewed at any time during the year in which your review is due. If you have not completed your review by the end of March the following year, you run the risk of being uninsured and so you are unable to coach unsupervised until the review is completed.

If you do not complete your review by the end of that year you will need to be re-assessed.


Review due May 2021 – can be completed at any time in 2021. If not completed by 30th March 2022 insurance has lapsed and must coach supervised.

If review not completed by 31st December 2022 coach will need to be re-assessed in 2023.

*This is under normal circumstances. There is a six-month grace period in place, due to restrictions on movement because of Coronavirus. Those coaches who were due a review in 2019 now have until the end of September 2020.

*Any coach due a review in 2019 and has lapsed would need to have a Covid 19 review on restarting, in order to cover them until 30th March 2021.


Can a coach within a group deliver the training modules for volunteers and Coaches in Training?

Yes – the following modules can be delivered in your group by any coach certificate holder that feels comfortable to do so;

Volunteer Modules – Mounting & Dismounting, Preparing and assisting RDA Sessions

Coach Certificate Modules – Coaching and Horsecare and Knowledge
Regions/Counties also deliver some of these modules, or elements of them, so look out for what training is being delivered.

In addition there is a Therapy and Medical Module for Coach Certificate which tends to be delivered by CPTRH or Regional Physios, arranged by your Region.


Where can I find the resources for the delivery of the coaching modules?
These resources are on the website on the coaching page under Delivering Modules; but if you have any problems finding what you need contact the Coaching Team at National Office.


Can I attend training days outside my region?

Yes – all events listed on the website are open to all. Please contact the relevant person as listed on the event details, or if you would like to open up your training day to others please send us the date to put on this events page and inform your county or regional coach so they are aware. It could also go onto your regional website.


How do I get our event listed on the Coaching website?

Please send event details, including date, time, venue and booking details to

We recommend that all coach training is listed on our page as we always have coaches looking to attend these days.



If you have an unanswered question about the Coaching Pathway, please get in touch with the National Office Coaching Team and we will be happy to help – 01926 405970.

Page Last Updated: January 11, 2022