Pathway Questions and Answers


With the launch of the new pathway we know there’s a lot to digest and there will be questions as everyone gets used to it.  So as questions come into us at National Office we will answer them and try to share on this page to help everyone get comfortable with the changes…….

Q: How have existing Coaches been mapped across to the new pathway?
A: All coaches have been mapped across by their Regional/County Coaches on an individual basis.  Because everyone was considered individually it’s difficult to generalise but as a default rule….
Trainee Coaches map to the New Coach in Training
Assistant Coaches and Group Coaches map to Coach Certificate (Pink)
RDA Coaches map to Coach Certificate (Green)
Senior Coaches map to Advanced Coach Certificate
However, the new pathway takes more emphasis on experience and qualifications so some coaches may have received a new qualification to reflect this, for example someone who was an experienced GC with BHSI qualification may now be a Coach Certificate Green.

Q: Does the new pathway affect what I already do?
A: Absolutely not – the mapping has been done to ensure that any coach previously qualified to deliver sessions will still be able to do this. 

Q: What if I don’t agree with my new qualification?
A: There is an appeals process.  If you don’t agree with your new qualification please contact Lyndsay Wager at National Office as a starting point.

Q: I’ve heard a rumour that there is a change in rules for Showjumping?
A: Yes – we now allow all Groups to automatically be registered to deliver L1 Showjumping.  This means that as long as poles stay on the ground and horses are not cantering, then you do not need to register Showjumping as an activity at the group and be separately assessed.  BUT as soon as you feel you want to progress to L2 you must firstly get the Group trustees to register as a Showjumping Group and then as a coach you will need to attend training and assessment.

Q: What’s the difference between Pink and Green Coach Certificates?
A: Coaches with a pink certificate are able to coach sessions within their own Group.  Coaches with Coach Certificate (Green) are able to coach in any RDA Group.  Ultimately we want to give coaches more flexibility to coach where they want.

Q: Am I restricted on what sessions I can coach?
A: Only where you do them, as above. We no longer restrict the ages or disability type that you coach – it is for you and other members of the group to assess riders individually and whether you feel you are appropriately trained and therefore confident being able to coach them. We would like coaches to access as much learning as possible in order to continually develop their knowledge and skills. Always seek the assistance of your regional physio if there is any question over a rider assessment. Ultimately, the participant’s goals, beneficial experience and therapeutic outcome is of highest importance. 

Q: If I have a Pink certificate how can I get a Green one?
A: Ordinarily, to be awarded a Coach Certificate (Green) a Coach in Training will need to have completed all the coaching modules and coached (under supervision)  at least twice in other Groups before completing an assessment for both an individual and group session.  For existing coaches who have been awarded a Coach Certificate (Pink) we are asking that you look at the criteria and consider if you’d benefit from doing any/all of the modules.  If you want to be assessed for a Coach Certificate (Green) before 30th June 2019, you do not have to complete all modules…..BUT you must still have coached at least twice outside of  your group, under supervision – there is a sheet in the Passport to evidence this. After the end of June 2019 modules will need to be completed before assessment.

Q:  As an existing trainee coach, do I have to do all the new modules before I can be assessed?
A:  No…..we’d encourage you to look at the assessment criteria and based on your training and experience to date consider what modules you’d benefit from before taking the assessment.  If you are assessed before 30th June 2019 the modules are discretionary. If you are not assessed by 30th June  you will need to do all modules before being eligible for assessment to Coach Certificate.

Q: What should we do with the old Log Books?
A: If you are an existing Coach we ask that you take out any old assessment and review paperwork and put them in your new Passports (up to 3 reviews max).  The rest of it is no longer needed so try to store it somewhere until you feel confident knowing you no longer need it…..we know, it’s a leap of faith!  Feedback was very strong from coaches that they didn’t want lots of paperwork and actually a lot of coaches had Log Books that had out-of-date information in them and it was difficult to find anything. 
We don’t want passports to become the same – only keep certificates and evidence of training in them. 

Page Last Updated: April 16, 2019