RDA Coach Reviews


RDA Coach Reviews

All Coaches within RDA will be reviewed against their role, whether they are at Coach Certificate or Advanced Coach Certificate level. For a Coach in Training, because they are supervised each time they coach, they are the exception.

Coaches due a review in 2018 will need to have a review completed in 2018. We will accept reviews completed in the old paperwork up until the end of the year. If the old paperwork is used, the next review will take place in either 1 or 2 years as per this process. If the new paperwork is completed, the next review due will be in 3 years (2021) provided everything was satisfactory. The Coach Developer (or County/Regional Coach) has the authority to request a review within that period if not all capabilities are met and if there are any action points documented on the new review paperwork.

A copy of the new review paperwork is available to view on the right hand side, named Coach Developer Form.

From January 2019 all reviews will be carried out using the new paperwork. Those due a review in 2019 will need a review completed on the new paperwork and their next review will be due in three year’s time (2022) if all is satisfactory.

Advanced coaches, who may not have had a compulsory review on the old system, must have a review by March 2020 using the new paperwork and every 3 years thereafter. 

Page Last Updated: April 29, 2019