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Dressage offers the opportunity for riders to show a judge, parents, friends and helpers what has been achieved during the riding sessions.

It can also help an instructor to set goals, allowing the riders to demonstrate often hidden reservoirs of determination to achieve and can vividly show the benefits of previous instruction. Dressage can be easily linked to the requirements of the National Curriculum.

In this section you will find all the resources and guidance you need to include dressage in your RDA sessions and to enter RDA competitions.

RDA offers a number of dressage tests for both classified and non classified riders, all of these tests can be found here.  Our tests are reviewed from time to time so please ensure you are using the correct version.  A number of tests have been completely re-written for 2020, whilst others may have simple changes.  Please note carefully any changes to tests in particular the free walk movement, this has been updated as follows:

Stretching on a longer rein – In order to execute the exercise “stretching on a longer rein” correctly, the Athlete must lengthen the reins as the horse stretches gradually forward and downward.  As the neck stretches forwards and downwards, the mouth should reach more or less to the horizontal line corresponding with the point of the shoulder.  An elastic and consistent contact with the Athlete’s hands must be maintained to ensure the pace maintains its rhythm.  During the retake of the reins the horse must accept the contact without resistance in the mouth or poll.”  The purity of the walk and relaxation should not be compromised.

RDA works closely with both British Dressage (BD) and the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) to assist those riders wanting to progress to Para Equestrian Dressage, to find out what training and other opportunities are available please click here

RDA use qualified BD Judges for all Regional Qualifiers and National Championships.  If you would like to find out more about becoming a Judge or you would like to attend a refresher training course please click here

RDA & British Dressage Intellectually Disabled Championships 2021

Unfortunately for 2021 the RDA and British Dressage ID Championships are cancelled due to Covid.












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