COVID-19 Emergency Fund Appeal

To support your continuing fundraising efforts, in addition to any social media activity you maybe implementing, the fundraising team have developed a suite of materials for you to approach you warm donors (we suggest you look at anyone who has given in the last 3 years), in the short-term. We would advise that this would be the most considered approach in the short-term, as these donors know the impact of your work and the difference it makes to our community.

Please note:

  • Templates (all to be used as email/ letters) are listed below.
  • Where information is highlighted in yellow. This is where you either add or delete information as appropriate.
  • Remember if a donor does give then please remember to acknowledge and thank the donor for the donation.


  1. An ask to a warm trusts and foundations.
  2. An ask to warm major donors or individuals who have given a one off donation or regularly give on a monthly basis. Please ensure you have permission to contact these donors.
  3. An ask to current beneficiaries or their families. We recognise this may be a difficult ask however we hope if you choose to do so the letter reflects there is no obligation to make a donation. We have suggested that they contribute the fee of one lesson. You may feel another ask is more appropriate so please make appropriate changes and alter to reflect this. Please ensure you have permission to contact these donors.

We are continually discussing and considering other ways we can help you fundraise or access other funding methods, and will keep you informed with suggestions and support.

Please do not hesitate to contact the fundraising team to talk through fundraising.  In the first instance please contact Randip Thompson, Director of Fundraising, on


Page Last Updated: March 19, 2020