Group Governance

Governance issues during COVID-19

An AGM may be held face to face, following the numerical limits as detailed in the latest update to groups.  You will need to ensure social distancing requirements can be adhered to at all times and you have good hygiene measures in place. You will need to undertake a risk assessment and have this agreed by the trustees. There is no requirement to send this into National Office but please contact if you would like advice about undertaking a risk assessment.

An electronic meeting by videoconferencing can be held but if your articles don’t specifically allow for it, ideally you would need agreement from the membership to do so.

We have taken advice and the process we plan to use is this:

1 – write to members explaining why you aren’t proposing to hold a physical AGM and outlining the plan.  You could confirm that this is an arrangement for this year only. You set this up as a consultation giving them time (to be agreed by your trustees) to come back with any concerns of objections.

2 – the Trustees agrees the rationale to hold a virtual meeting and records this decision.

3 – assuming there are no objections from membership, the meeting is set up in the usual way.  All members who want to be involved would be on the AGM video call and/ or encourage proxy voting through them.

You may also want to consider amending the articles at this meeting to allow for electronic AGMs in the future. 

General Governance information

We recognise that governance and management of Groups can be challenging and complex, so we’ve put together some useful resources to help Group Trustees with a wide range of issues including recruitment and incorporation, as well as model agendas and policies to help save time.

It’s also our job at RDA UK to keep up with any changes in legislation that may affect the running of Groups – and to pass on this information whenever necessary. We will be using the Groups area of this site to keep you updated of any important changes that will affect the running of your Group.

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Page Last Updated: October 8, 2020