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Sourcing RDA Horses

One of the main issues that RDA groups face is finding an Equine to suit the needs of the participants in their group. We are regularly contacted with offers of Equines that are ‘the ideal RDA horse or pony’ when actually what is ideal for one group may not be for the next. We are trying to move away from the stereotypical view that RDA Equines are elderly and somewhat static, our horses and ponies need to be fit, healthy and athletic to cope with the lifestyle in an RDA group. They can range from smaller, forward going ponies to weight carrying cobs and can take part in a range of disciplines from Riding to Carriage Driving, Vaulting to Show Jumping and Endurance.

With this in mind, we are constantly looking for ways to support our groups in finding their horsepower.  Social Media campaigns are also a great way of raising awareness of your equine needs. A recent success story comes from Scropton RDA who were on the lookout for a pony for their smaller riders. Thanks to their Facebook post and owners of a pony contacting National Office, we were able to put them in touch with Cody, who has had a successful trial at Scropton and joined their equine team.

We have also been working with The Blue Cross to look at the possibility of giving their horses a second chance and a rewarding career within our groups. This would not only help with the ever – growing horse welfare situation but enable our groups to have a more cost effective way of sourcing horses and ponies. The Equines at the Blue Cross are put through a comprehensive health and training assessment and ongoing support is always available. Whilst groups can go directly to The Blue Cross, next Summer we will also be having Equines come to RDA National Training Centre to be trained and signed off as competent for use within RDA. They will then be re-homed into a suitable RDA group.

If you have a horse that you are looking to re-home into RDA please fill in our Equine Initial Interest Form and return to




Page Last Updated: March 25, 2020