Carriage Driving


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Following the success of this competition over the past few years we are delighted that Carriage Driving is thriving at the National Championships. 

The competition consists of a dressage test, a cones course, followed by an obstacle course.

The objective of the driven dressage test is to judge the freedom, regularity of paces, harmony, impulsion, suppleness, lightness, ease of movement and correct bending of the horses on the move. Drivers will also be judged on style, accuracy, and general control of their horses, and on their dress, condition of their harness and carriage and the presentation of their whole turnout. 

The cones and obstacles competition is to test the fitness, obedience and suppleness of the horses, and the skill and competence of the driver.  Penalties from each phase are then added together and the driver with the lowest number of penalties will win the competition.

Driver Categories

  • Novice – Any driver who drives with dual reins and has not won the novice class at the RDA National Championships
  • Intermediate – Any driver who is qualified to drive with single reins and has not won the intermediate class at the RDA National Championships
  • Open – Any driver assessed as competent for their coach to back step & drives with single reins.


Page Last Updated: February 7, 2019