Musical Ride/Carriage Drive DVD Competition


Since the inception of this competition, it was planned that Groups should go ‘BACK TO BASICS’ where the performance of a Musical Ride/Carriage Drive could reflect the coaching of flatwork skills and school movements which are included in most RDA sessions.  The competition also invites groups to demonstrate imagination and innovation in their coaching methods which make their RDA sessions so enjoyable for all our participants. 

Music has been shown to be a powerful element to improve and energise the performance of both horse and rider or carriage driver and each year the judges look forward to seeing a wider use of music and movements to do just that.

Each entry should present a drill ride or carriage drive with riders and helpers smartly dressed – for example in their matching group sweatshirts – on suitable ponies/horses.  If they wish to use modest fancy dress, for example to dress as soldiers to reflect marching music, then that is also acceptable.


There will be two classes for the Drill Ride entries this year. One is for those riders who are led, with or without side walkers.  The second one is for those riders who ride independently, without leaders or side walkers. (Their coach may stand at the side of the arena in case of an emergency.

In both classes, presentations will be marked down if the ride is ‘called’.

Judges are most definitely not looking for ‘professional’ productions, no editing is allowed of any DVD entry.

If you are looking for some guidance and inspiration please take a look at the winners from 2017

Page Last Updated: March 9, 2020