Offers & Discounts for RDA Groups


We’re delighted to be able to announce our latest partnerships with companies offering generous discounts and offers to RDA Groups.


The Tocsen Crash Sensor: 10% discount for the RDA Community


The Tocsen Crash Sensor gives you and your loved ones peace of mind when you are out riding on your own if the worst was to happen.


Easy to use, it is compatible with any riding hat, simply stick the Tocsen Crash Sensor to your helmet behind your ear, download the Tocsen app, connect the app to the Tocsen Crash Sensor and you are good to go, just make sure you have your phone on you whilst you ride in order for it to work.

How does the Tocsen Crash Sensor work? In the event of a fall the sensor and app will ask acoustically whether everything is OK, should it be a false alarm, a countdown gives you enough time to disable the alarm manually.


If there is no response from the wearer, then the list of emergency contacts and all the Tocsen community users nearby are alerted, allowing the user to get the help that they need, as quickly as possible.


The Tocsen Crash Sensor features a rechargeable battery that with normal use usually lasts around three months, thanks to the advanced Bluetooth Low Energy technology. The sensor is also weather-proof, meaning that even the rain can’t stop you from riding.


Compatible with Android, iOS and Huawei with no monthly fee and unlimited emergency contacts, the Tocsen sensor is fantastic – not only for horse riders but also bike riders and for all extreme sports.


Please use code RDA10 for a 10% discount.


SOS Group: Free Consultation and Group Rates


SOS Group, a long-time supporter and supplier of photocopiers and printers to RDA and our National Championships at Hartpury- and our recent Virtual Championships last year – have produced a video below, to help and assist our RDA Groups during 2022 and beyond.

On offer is a free consultancy consultation with Director Andrew Skelton.


During the two and a half minute video, Andrew covers:


  • Why SOS and RDA
  • What does SOS offer
  • Why choose SOS?
  • The current situation
  • The next step


Please click the link to view


Jelka Ground Mats: 10% Discount


A robust, semi-rigid ground mat, designed specifically for ground stabilisation around horses.  Create mud-free gateways, walkways, feeding areas, turnout and more!  Easy to install straight onto the ground and finish with a layer of sand. 

Size: 1140 x 810 x 45 mm 

Weight: 27kg per mat 

Area: 0.92 sqm per mat (a pallet of 20 covers 18 square metres) 

Delivery: 10, 20 or 30 mats per pallet and a delivery contribution charge based on location 


Where to buy: 

Please email to arrange your order and quote your RDA Group Charity Number.

Page Last Updated: February 24, 2022