Showing is still very much a new activity within RDA, a progression from the already established Best Turned Out competition held at the RDA National Championships.

Showing teaches you how to put in a performance and accept the judges comments as a positive way to improve.  It is also a great start for a horses education, as it teaches manners and gives exposure to the show environment without the exacting pressure of a dressage test or showjumping.

**New Activity** In addition to the SEIB Search 4 a Star classes that we hold at the RDA National Championships we are delighted to be offering a more grass roots approach to Showing to all Groups wishing to get involved and learn more about Showing.  We have produced several documents to help demystify Showing and to provide information on what is involved in the three new classes that will be on offer.

The new classes will consist of:

  • Ridden horses/ponies led (walk & trot)
  • Ridden horses/ponies unled (walk & trot)
  • Ridden horses/ponies unled (walk, trot & canter)

Each class will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Manners & suitability
  2. Riders individual display
  3. Type & conformation
  4. Turn out of combination
  5. Overall impression

For further information please see “What is Showing?” to the right of this page.

How does a Group add Showing as an activity?

It’s easy – any Coach can run Showing sessions, no assessment of the group is required!

You will need to complete and return the Application Form to add Showing to Activities and return to Emma Bayliss at National Office.

Once this has been registered you can get started!


2019 Showing Championships

Thursday 12th September was the final for the SEIB Search 4 a Star RDA Showing Championship at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre, Buckinghamshire.  Each beautifully turned out combination had the opportunity to perform their individual show to the panel of judges David Ingle, Lynn Russell and Rosemary King.  The class now in it’s third year was judged on the following criteria

  • 30% conformation
  • 30% turnout
  • 40% suitability, manners and way of going.

After each individual show the riders left the arena before returning a short time later as part of the evening performance for the final judging.

The class was won by Eleanor Currington & Drunkeen Boy from Cambs College RDA.  Judge Lynne Russell said “I liked our winner from the moment he came into the ring.  He wouldn’t look out of place in an open class and he was well ridden.”

1st – Eleanor Currington & Drunkeen Boy – Cambs College RDA

2nd – Anne Hollier & The Scout – Ride 2 Achieve

3rd – Tracy Steel & Johans Debut – Tyne & Wear

4th – Fleur O’Donohue & Marley II – Lowlands Farm RDA

Well done to everyone taking part and thank you to SEIB for continuing to support this competition and for promoting RDA Showing.

BHSA Hunter Show 2019, Thursday 12 September 2019
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