Tea with a Pony

Through these activities we want to give fulfilling and enriching experiences with horses to people living with dementia or other similar conditions, in a way which is supportive, safe and inclusive for the person living with a disability, their carers, our volunteers and our horses.

How did Tea with a Pony begin?
Cotswold RDA became increasing aware of the number of people living with a range of life-changing conditions, particularly dementia, for whom horse-riding may not be suitable but who might be helped by some other form of animal-assisted therapy involving horses.  

Then in 2018 the group took on loan a 20-year-old pony. It soon became clear that he would not be able to cope with the usual workload with riders.  But he was charming and very friendly, and the idea emerged to use him in a nonriding capacity and this is when Tea with a Pony was born.

And Next….
We now believe this is an activity which can enrich so many more lives and we encourage as many groups as possible to get involved.  

For guidance on how to get started with your group – please see our guide here and video below:





Page Last Updated: April 6, 2021