Video: Designed & produced by Octavia Hopwood, RDA Perry Group.   With thanks to Octavia and all featured Perry Group vaulters and volunteers.

Vaulting is gymnastics with a moving horse.  The aim of vaulting is to improve the vaulter’s balance, co-ordination and confidence.  It is a team sport and as such promotes co-operation and team spirit.

RDA Vaulting consists of a team of six vaulters, or individually working on a horse under the control of a lunger. The horses are not saddled, but wear a surcingle roller and a thick back pad. The surcingle roller has special handles which aid the vaulter in performing certain moves as well as leather loops.

Or if you do not have a suitable horse, then you can also use a barrel to practice these moves:

Vaulting has significant therapy benefits, you can work as a team to achieve a goal which can have a huge impact on self-confidence.  Vaulting also has significant physical benefits is great discipline for improving balance, stability motor skills, flexibility and coordination.

You can also work towards RDA certificates and badges, and also the National Championships at Hartpury.

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To help get your group involved please call Lucy Stokes at the National RDA office on 01926 476307 or email



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