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We have brought together some great resources to help you recruit volunteers and publicise your Group.

These resources are all available on our Volunteer Recruitment Memory Stick, but can also be downloaded below by clicking the links on the headings.

Editable Posters

A range of eye-catching posters that you can edit to your own needs. Just save the document under a new name and make a poster in minutes. Advertise for volunteers; promote an event; encourage new riders….. whatever you need to say you can use them to make a splash!

Editable Posters Set 1
Editable Posters Set 2

(clicking these links will download a .zip file with the posters enclosed)

Print Ready Posters

If you’re making an RDA display, why not get these posters printed at your local printers. Use alongside your editable poster for double the impact.

Download Print Ready Posters

(clicking this link will download a .zip file with the posters enclosed)


If you are giving a presentation about RDA, there’s no better way to grab people’s attention than showing one of these inspiring videos.

John’s Story

It’s What You Can Do That Counts Long Version

It’s What You Can Do That Counts Short Version

People’s Postcode Lottery at Glasgow RDA


Press Release Template

Want to send a story to your local newspaper but don’t know how to write a press release? Have a read of the press release template, which will give you an idea of how to structure a story. When you’ve got the idea, save the document on your computer with a new name (so you keep the template for next time) and write over it with your own story and contact details.

Press Release Template.


Page Last Updated: March 17, 2020