Carriage Driving


The Benefits Of Carriage Driving

  • Improved co-ordination
  • Improved muscle power
  • Relaxation through rhythmic movement
  • Being out in the open air
  • Achievement, self confidence, fun! 

Driving has been an important part of RDA since 1975 and there are now almost 70 Groups involved.  By taking up driving in RDA you will be joining in with over 1000 other drivers!

Carriage Driving is where a horse or pony is hitched to a wheeled carriage and driven around a course and you are the driver! Driving is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, be out in the open air and have great fun at the same time.

RDA Carriage Driving is particularly useful if you can no longer ride due to disability or if you prefer a different kind of challenge to riding.

Carriage Driving can range from a relaxing drive through the rolling countryside to exciting competitions where your ability to make quick decisions and having the confidence to control a fast moving carriage are put to the test.

If you are a confident driver and would like to compete there is opportunity for competition in RDA as well as British Carriagedriving (BC) and British Driving Society (BDS) shows.  Some drivers progress outside of RDA and attend training days and compete internationally.

As well as the fun of driving you can also benefit from fantastic therapy benefits of improved coordination, improved muscle power and improved balance, many of which are the same benefits as you would get from riding.

Page Last Updated: September 27, 2018