RDA Dressage

  • Balance
  • Control
  • Mobility
  • Memory
  • Freedom
  • Reach your theraputic goals alongside equestrian skills

Dressage literally means training and is about showing that you can get your horse or pony to do what you want them to do, when you want them to do it.  This might be in front of a judge, friends, parents or helpers or maybe just practicing with your Group.

In a dressage test you and your pony have to follow a set of instructions and perform different manoeuvres in a specially set out dressage arena.

In a competition a judge marks the test.  They give you a mark out of ten for how well you carry out each instruction.  At the end of the test the marks are added up and the winner is the horse and rider with the highest score.

If you are riding with RDA you have probably already started to do the basics of dressage without even realizing it, just by getting the horse or pony to do the things you want them to do.

Once you have gained experience and confidence in riding you may want to take part in a competition.  Don’t worry if you cannot remember all of your test as you can have someone call the test out loud while you are riding.

There are opportunities to compete in Dressage at the RDA National Championships, but don’t worry if you can’t travel, you can film your test and submit it to Dressage Anywhere.

Page Last Updated: September 18, 2018