What Can You Achieve?

Enabling you to learn and achieve is an important focus of RDA as well as having lots of fun at the same time.

There are a whole range of programmes especially designed to enable you to develop you skills further and gain awards and qualifications along the way.

Within RDA there are proficiency tests for a riders and drivers which allow you to demonstrate your skills and ability to an examiner and achieve an award with a badge and certificate upon completion.

As well as riding and driving you can learn a whole host of skills associated with caring for horses and ponies with proficiency tests in horse care and welfare.

If proficiency tests are not for you there are still plenty of other areas to work towards at RDA.  The Endeavour Awards recognize progress and achievement outside of the proficiency test scheme and like other RDA awards come with a certificate and badge.

RDA also offers you the chance to achieve awards and qualifications with the ASDAN programme, an awarding body which offers nationally recognized qualifications.  The ASDAN awards give you the chance to learn more about the animals involved in your RDA sessions.

If you are more creative then you may be interested in our annual arts ad crafts competition at the RDA National Championships, you never know your work might make it onto our fantastic display boards of finalists which are displayed every year.

Page Last Updated: September 3, 2020