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For more information on the specific holidays, please click here.   Why are they the perfect getaway? 
  • Look after a pony for a week
  • Ride or drive in the countryside
  • Visit local tourist attractions
  • Make new friends
  • Try something new

Each year the RDA hold holidays giving you a chance to get away and experience a wonderful new environment whilst enjoying a variety of RDA activities. Holidays take place all over the country between April and September.

Some holidays offer the opportunity to look after a Pony for a week, others offer riding or driving in conjunction with visits to exciting places of interest and other outdoor pursuits.  You will get the chance to meet other RDA participants and take part in new activities that you may not get the chance to do in your normal Group environment.

Many Groups will organise holidays giving everyone a chance to get away. There are also a number of National holidays arranged by RDA volunteers that offer a wonderful opportunity to meet with like minded people, try new activities and make new friends.

You can view our latest holiday brochure here which has details of all RDA National Holidays.  For further details or to book please contact the venue directly for information on facilities, accessibility and the type of holiday available.




Page Last Updated: September 3, 2020