Showing is a completely new activity in RDA with it being a progression from the already established Best Turned Out competition at the RDA National Championships

Showing is about making a horse look beautiful, elegant and obedient. It teaches great attention to detail, builds confidence and character. It teaches you how to ride, put in a performance as well as how to be judged and accept criticism without being defeated by it. Showing can become addictive and tremendous fun! It’s also a great start for a horse’s education, teaching them manners and exposing them to the show environment without the exacting pressure of going a dressage test or show jumping round.

At the 2016 National Championships we piloted a showing demonstration with help from South Essex Insurance Brokers (SEIB) to see if showing has a place within RDA. The demonstration was a complete success and showing is now a growing activity within RDA.  In conjunction with SEIB we have run two successful rounds of qualifiers and Championships, this will continue in 2019, information for 2019 including entry forms is now available on their website by following this link: SEIB Search 4 a Star RDA Showing Championship


Page Last Updated: May 20, 2019